August 19, 2016

Practical Test

The practical driving test lasts for approximately 40 minutes and will involve where possible driving in normal situations such as town driving, rural roads, major roads and dual carriageways. Motorway driving is not included in the test. In addition every driving test candidate is required to do one reversing exercise and a section of “independent driving”. One test out of every three includes a “controlled” (emergency) stop and will also usually also include at least one angled start and hill start.

You need to take your provisional licence with you to the test centre. The examiner will introduce themselves to you and will require you to sign the insurance and residency declaration. They will then ask if you wish your driving instructor to be in the back of the car during the test. They will then ask you to lead the way to your vehicle. On the way they will ask you to stop and read the number plate of a vehicle 20 metres away. Then as you approach the car they will either ask you to get into the car or will ask you to open the bonnet to perform one of the vehicle check questions.

When you have completed the two show me tell me/vehicle check questions they will give you a short explanation about the test and will then ask you to start the car and pull away.

At the end of the test the examiner will inform you whether you have passed and will explain any mistakes that you have made. You are allowed to make up to 15 driving faults (minors) but no serious faults (majors).